This page is intended for browser plugin developers.

The XML feed

This app uses Die2nite's secure XML feeds. Secure feeds contain (amongst other things) information about the zone the player is in:

  • Current position on the map
  • Items on the floor
  • Zombies
  • Control points
  • Zone depletion status

Unlike most data contained in the feeds, the information above is completely uncached.

Secure API keys

Secure feeds use API keys that are unique to both the player and the app they are visiting. This is not the same key that is displayed in player's Soul page settings!

The player's API key for this app is available in two places:

  1. On the Die2nite disclaimer page for this app when you are logged in.

    Have a look at the form data and you'll find a hidden input element called "key".

  2. On every page of this app when you are logged in.

    There is a hidden DIV with an ID of "key" at the bottom of each page containing the current user's API key.

Your plugin should automatically look in both of these locations when they are loaded and store the key somewhere for later use.

Communicating with the app

This is very simple. All you need to do is send the user's secure API key as POST data (with a name of "key") to the following URL:

The server will then respond with a plaintext status, indicating the success (or failure) of the update. It is recommended that you output this response directly using a simple alert() box, or something prettier if you prefer.


This is really up to you, but my suggestion is to add a button on the Die2nite World Beyond page like this:



Most companies offer free hosting for their browser's plugins. One of the main benefits of this is that they usually perform security and integrity audits on plugins before they allow them to be released, so this is obviously the preferred method of distribution.

If you are developing for a browser that does not offer this service, I can provide hosting for you.

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