Most data on the map comes automatically from your XML feed, but there are some things which require you to update yourself:

  • Items on the floor
  • Zombie counts
  • Building depletion status

To access the zone edit form, simply double-click the zone you wish to update.

Note: Zombie counts are reset every day!


How do I add an item to a zone?

On the zone edit form, simply click the items you want to add, and they will appear in the "Current item list". Clicking an item in the "Current item list" will remove it again. Make sure you click the "Save all" button, or your changes won't be saved! Alternatively, clicking the "Cancel" button will discard your changes.

I found something that isn't in the item list! How do I add it?

I don't have a complete list of items, and the developers will no doubt add new ones every now and then. To help keep the list up-to-date, every time you load this app it scans the contents of your bank for items it doesn't know about. If one is found, it's automatically added to the list. So just put it in your bank and refresh! (Bear in mind you feed is cached for 5 minutes, so if it doesn't appear straight away, try again in a bit)

How do I mark an item as broken?

On the zone update page, click on "Activate broken item marker". While the text is red, clicking an item in the "Current item list" will toggle its broken status instead of removing it. Clicking "Deactivate broken item marker" will allow you to remove items again.

What's this building depletion status all about?

Die2nite currently only allows you to mark a zone as depleted, but buildings deplete separately from the zone they are in. So, the "Building depletion status" tab allows you to mark the building independently from its zone.

I tried to update the zombie counts on a zone, but there's no Zombies tab!

There are two situations where this occurs:

  1. The zone you selected has a zombie count provided by an upgraded map. The information provided by this upgrade is 100% accurate and therefore does not need to be updated manually.
  2. The zone is known to be clear of zombies. Again, there's no need to manually update.

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