26th July 2014

  • Updated links to use the new wiki

16th February 2013

  • Added a simple watchmen item defence calculator

10th January 2013

  • Updated buildings for new season

29th April 2012

  • Added Survivalist exclusion zone to area highlighting

22nd April 2012

  • Separated leaderboard into seasons and small/distant/hardcore
  • Added support for custom event leaderboards

13th April 2012

  • Added Shaman class

6th April 2012

  • Added item/building images to the summary on the construction page
  • Added house types to citizens page

2nd April 2012

  • Added new in-game zone markers ("A ruin to explore" and "Lost soul")

22nd March 2012

  • Added an option for hardcore towns to keep track of built construction sites

20th March 2012

  • New dockable menu system
  • Zones marked as "unknown" now display a question mark, rather than nothing
  • Fixed rounding issue on construction page when workshop is built
  • Various small hardcore fixes

8th March 2012

  • Stopped plugin code attempting to update zones when in hardcore mode

4th March 2012

  • Add an option to view a small version of the map
  • Your current location is now highlighted when the page loads

20th February 2012

  • Added blueprint rarity to construction page
  • Can now mark constructions sites as unlocked
  • Twinoid has arrived! - fixed avatars

19th February 2012

  • Added a filter on the items page, to make it easier to find what you're looking for

19th February 2012

  • Added a filter on the items page, to make it easier to find what you're looking for

18th February 2012

  • Various fixes for hardcore mode

16th February 2012

  • Background removed from map markers
  • Citizen locations now shown on map using dots, in a similar way to the in-game map

14th February 2012

  • Site relaunched, happy Valentine's day! <3

28th July 2011

  • App taken offline in protest to the meta cap!

21st June 2011

  • Added heroes to stats page, and replaced some text with icons to save space
  • Added water and DOs to stats pages

20th June 2011

  • Removed minimum defence from stats pages
  • Started tracking DOs/water
  • Added Oval Office to external sites list

19th June 2011

  • Town maps are now public
  • Added deaths to citizens page
  • Added distances to buildings on overview page
  • Added distances to popups on map page
  • Clicking on the names on the citizens page will now take you to their soul page

14th June 2011

  • Upgrades on overview page now show the benefits for the next level

8th June 2011

  • Buildings on overview page now link to die2nitewiki.com

30th May 2011

  • Added some stuff to the overview page

14th May 2011

  • Zone depleted marker added
  • Zone depletion marker now updates itself automatically when using the "update current zone" button or a browser plugin

11th May 2011

  • Added "last updated by" to zone popups
  • Added leaderboard
  • Replaced Gallows with Sturdy Gallows

3rd May 2011

  • Private messaging system added

20th April 2011

  • Season 2 changes
    • Support for larger maps
    • Added new Tamer class

25th March 2011

  • Chrome plugin launched

20th March 2011

  • Site completely recoded and redesigned!

13th February 2011

  • Added expeditions
  • Highlight colours are now visible when displaying all items

1st February 2011

  • Fixed item list for Piston-Lock (was missing a copper pipe)
    - thanks Sklavit

31st January 2011

  • Added support for secured feeds, in preparation for the app being officially approved

28th January 2011

  • Added XML update timer/refresh link

27th January 2011

  • Added zone statuses to popups
  • Added secondary zone replenishment marker (for scavs)

26th January 2011

  • Added survival rate to stats page

25th January 2011

  • Added cookies to make map options more persistent
  • Added custom distance highlighting

24th January 2011

  • Added CSV export of zombie attacks on stats page

21st January 2011

  • Fixed Workshop AP calculations (there was an error in Factory detection)

20th January 2011

  • Separated area and zone highlighting
  • Added option to show only the borders of highlighted areas
  • All map options are now persistent through page refreshes
  • Added icons and zombie stats to overview page
  • Added stats page

19th January 2011

  • Replenishment area borders are now shown permanently
  • Added 24AP trip, Watchtower and heroic actions to highlighter

18th January 2011

  • Added gallows to construction page
  • Added upgrade levels back to construction page

17th January 2011

  • Daily zombie counts and defences are now being recorded (page coming soon)

16th January 2011

  • Added potential defensive items to the highlighter and item selector defence categories
  • Reduced space taken by rotting logs/scrap metal when using the "display all items" option
  • Highlighting of broken items is now optional

15th January 2011

  • Added construction calculator

8th January 2011

  • Added Search Tower areas to the highlighter

7th January 2011

  • Added a highlighter for zones containing certain items / groups of items
  • Added AP trip highlighting
  • Separated citizens in town/outside and added AP return costs/distance from town in km
  • Zombie counts from an upgraded map now override any values previously entered by a citizen

2nd January 2011

  • Firefox plugin launched
  • Moved some links around and put changelog/instructions on their own pages

28th December 2010

  • Added a basic overview page
  • Zone edit form is now resizable

26th December 2010

  • Broken item marker now toggles broken status for new items too
    - thanks Face

23rd December 2010

  • Added bank page
  • Added wiki links to construction page

22nd December 2010

  • Shunned icon now shown on citizens page

21st December 2010

  • You can now enter zombie counts for unexplored areas (due to scout ability)
  • Map display options are now remembered when refreshing the page

20th December 2010

  • Added broken items

19th December 2010

  • Fixed red depleted building image

14th December 2010

  • Added construction page
  • Added citizens page

12th December 2010

  • Removed minimum range validation for zombie count input (due to cache times)
    - thanks Sergii
  • Corrected zombie ranges for different danger levels (now 1-3, 2-5, 5+)
    - thanks SobiOne
  • Added manual zombie input
  • Added depleted building input
  • Added last zone update time
  • Fixed some minor visual issues
  • Optimised database structure/calls
  • Fixed citizen info when in chaos mode
    - thanks duckman

7th December 2010

  • Revised layout
  • Added changelog and instructions

5th December 2010

  • Fixed incorrect colouring of zones with 8 zombies

4th December 2010

  • Added XML version detection

2nd December 2010

  • App launched!

Site revision: 526