The Die2nite Map Viewer provides enhanced visual aids and organisational tools to help your town survive for as long as possible in the browser-based game Die2Nite.


Features include:

  • A large, user friendly map
  • An advanced construction plan calculator, showing AP costs, defence gains, resources consumed, workshop costs and needed items
  • Citizens can make a note of items and zombie counts at each zone. A Firefox plugin is available to make this even easier
  • On-map display of useful data:
    • The number of items in each zone
    • The number of zombies in each zone
    • The number of citizens in each zone
    • Zone status (depleted, etc.)
    • A variety of highlighting options, including zones with specific items, zones within reach of expeditions and Search Tower replenishment areas
  • Information usually unavailable in the World Beyond:
    • An overview page with gate status, current defence, attack estimations, number of alive citizens and well status
    • Citizens page showing their locations and AP/distance from town
    • Bank inventory
    • Constructions built so far
  • Marking of special zones (buildings) as depleted, separately from the zone it's in


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